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Fun For Families

Some Helpful Hints To Stay Safe And Stay Sane!

Here are a few ideas. I will continue to post and please feel free to contact me with any great ideas and links!

  • Your public library is closing, but their website works and they have thousands of titles in e-book form. I like to read them on my laptop!
  • Read everyday - practice makes perfect! This is the perfect time to just read for the pure joy of a good story. Learn about something new. There is some great non-fiction out there too!
  • Go outside. A hike or walk around your block is safe, and the fresh air and sunlight helps with the cabin fever.
  • If you can, plant some seeds in pots or in the backyard. We are having a nice warm spring and it is a good time to think about gardens.
  • Family Game Night. Boardgames are stimulating and often educational. They can be competitive, Monopoly is a cruel game, but they can also release tension and foster bonding and communication.
  • Make and build things. Even very young kids love to make "inventions". Encourage them to invent something useful or fun. Imagination is the only guideline and they will build things out of ANYTHING. And join them. It's ok for grownups to do this too!